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White Feather


The out of body experience

Part of my regular practice, my daily practice and my mediumship practice is indeed - shamanism. This is not a special word saved for a social occasion to me. It is a lifestyle and a place in the world for many people. It has been a hard path but a happy one too. Through understanding of the human body, the use of voice and chanting, medicine practice as well as unique exploration of out of body states, it was acquired as a special part of my toolkit, one that I enjoy and love the most.

To me, shamanism is a natural connection to nature. It is not about taking substances nor is it about escaping the now through a "made up" moment. I have previously experienced a variety of psychoactive plants that have helped me heal and regain confidence, building a better connection to myself and life itself. Although, in reality it is not about reliance on a substance. A substance is a door but not the destination. The destination is inside of all of us. 


This is a very special feature of the work I do today because my indigenous connection is still there - in that which I do. No matter what the world has seen in the last couple of hundred years, my special connection to spirit and the Earth helped preserve me as a reader and guide. It has helped me angle my life towards the greater common good, taking in to consideration all that life is, not just the journey of the individual. Not just that of a human. Which I’m happy and very proud about today. 

Foggy Mountains
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