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walking this earth and learning through life.

The Force

Birds of a feather
Flock together



A life in colour

What is life without love, without flavour and without peace we get when we really - realise the moment. We seize the day. A few of my videos that I’ve done some time ago that explore the element of health through the art of life and the peace we access through self expression. 


I’m a very naive person which is what I enjoy in me also. I’ve often found great joy in seeing other people just do it. Through traveling to places such as Bali, Mexico and Peru - I have found a lot of hope and care in just the way that the local cultures use imagination, dance, theatre and colour in every day expressions. They have created a life of this - and that really inspires me today. 


A big part of shamanism and leadership to me is - understanding your own quirks and the idiozcincracies of your mind. That creative potential is hidden in the roots of that nature - just as birds flaunt their feathers, we too dance, we too sing. We to create that which is beautiful amongst each other and use theatre dance and comedy to explain things that the written words or simple spoken conversation may not be able to convey. For this reason I too - have a channel especially for this creative force within me, hoping to inspire that in others.

Image by David Clode


Luminous Favric Waves
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