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What you will receive:


+ Life coaching by the concept of the 7 day week!


+ Channelled written information on what I can find in your aura


+ Scanning the tides in your week and seeing who you are in the matrix and how you come across in the “game of life”


+ Helping you find a plan to leave the matrix - e.g leaving the 9 to 5 week


+ Finding new ways of working with your existing timeline if you would like to continue to do so


+ Creating new ideas for a reality outside of the 9 to 5


7 - 10 page channelled written report


+ Astrological chart






Just fill out the windows provided. I will need your:


  • Time date and place of birth
  • Gender
  • Name 
  • Email address
  • Any extra info you'd like to add


If the window is not enough for your question - email me on


Let me know which format would you like me to answer in: be it audio or written form.


The reading is sent via email.


I would advise to store the reading on your file for your documentation. The reason for this is because I occasionally clean my google drive, and some information may be errased in a few months. For that reason good to have your secure copy.




Contact me 


If you have any doubts before or after the booking, you are welcome to go ahead and contact me.

+51 947 119 819


Weekly Report

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