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Psychic Astrology

Support and psychic advice

I have worked as a psychic medium for many years now. I support people throughout their life and give good hearty advice. I often provide more than is asked for me as I do really love to go deep and see all the truth of the matter. I really enjoy my job and care a lot for what I do. I keep clients for life and make sure they are comfortable and happy with their journey. 


Below are some of my channels and work I do for people day to day. I hope you enjoy them. I regularly post media on both Patreon and YouTube. They are my main windows of information, through which I meet people and provide good quality regular psychic advice and support. As well as offer books and services. 

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Fate is a sequence. You are it's creator

I can help you:


  • Get to know yourself

  • Understand your astrological chart

  • Understand your parents 

  • Reconcile with people in your situation

  • Understand yourself and your impulses

  • Know how to work with them

  • Realise your path and ancestral karma

  • Release what you cannot control 

  • Realise boundaries

  • Realise blessings

  • Protect yourself from certain coming events

  • Create new events and situations in your life

  • Believe in yourself

  • Breathe out of the past

  • Breathe in to the future

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What do I offer on Patreon?


  • Monthly Special Features

Insights from my most recent Almanac - which include planetary and asteroid alignment and other astrological aspects.


  • Day by Day Reports

A weekly article with an astrological chart where I talk about the week ahead and what to expect.


  • Videos

Anything new from YouTube that include Monthly and Lunar insights + more


  • Astrological Predictions

Audios for all 12 signs Aries to Pisces (about 30 min each)


  • Audio guidance 

Helping people navigate through difficult energy shifts


  • Help with trauma and connection

Here is a sample of my Patreon audios from June 2024
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