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What you will receive:


+ An energy scan. I always scan energy and write in detail what I find before looking at the questions directly.


+ Channelled written information on what I can find in your aura. Note - this is a written report.


+ Either - I suggest some places for you or you can guide me in terms of your plans or choices. You can set up which places you would like me to talk to you about and I’ll write out what I can see happening or not happening in certain places in the world. They can be both national and international. The choice is yours


+ This type of report is only available in written format as that is a more comprehensive way to do this (roughly 8 pages or so)


+ AstroCartography Chart


+ Astrological chart






Just fill out the windows provided. I will need your:


  • Time date and place of birth
  • Gender
  • Name 
  • Email address
  • The list of places that you would like to talk about. You can have as many as you like. 


If the window is not enough for your question - email me on


The reading is sent via email.


I would advise to store the reading on your file for your documentation. The reason for this is because I occasionally clean my google drive, and some information may be errased in a few months. For that reason good to have your secure copy.




Contact me 


If you have any doubts before or after the booking, you are welcome to go ahead and contact me.

+51 947 119 819


Relocation Report

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