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What you will receive:


+ A fusion of intuitive and astral knowledge report based on your health and natural energy to increase your vibration and get the most out of your day


+ May include dietary, lifestyle and herbal medicine advice


+ Channelled written information on what I can find in your aura


+ If you like you can inform me on what is going on with your health or you can make it up to me to feel out what comes through intuitively - you don’t have to inform me directly on every detail if you would rather not do that.


+ This is a written 7 - 10 page channelled report


+ Astrological chart


+ List of suggestions






Although the report is a very useful tool and has many strategies within it,  I'm not a certified health expert or doctor.  For this reason please treat this report as an intuitive astrological report without considering it the be all end all advice for your health. It is important that any serious issues are treated responsibly and though I can help you see a part of the picture, it would be wise to consider medical choices based on your beliefs and experience. Choose wisely.






Just fill out the windows provided. I will need your:


  • Time date and place of birth
  • Gender
  • Name 
  • Email address
  • Let me know what you are experiencing or what you would like to concentrate on in the reading 


If the window is not enough for your question - email me on


The reading is sent via email.


I would advise to store the reading on your file for your documentation. The reason for this is because I occasionally clean my google drive, and some information may be errased in a few months. For that reason good to have your secure copy.




Contact me 


If you have any doubts before or after the booking, you are welcome to go ahead and contact me.

+51 947 119 819


Health Report

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