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What you will receive:


+ 2 separate reports - sent individually to the two separate email addresses outlining the main energies in each individuals. These can be ofcourse shared and seen by the other person - but it is better (I advise) to read these reports separately and store them for safe keeping later.


+ 1 combined report - sent to both people. This is the same report. So in total there are three reports. Two individuals and one joined or combined report.


+ Two separate astral charts sent to both people individually


+ If you would rather audio than written text - let me know and I can do that for you.





Just fill out the windows provided. I will need your:


  • Time date and place of birth (for you and for your partner)
  • Gender
  • Name 
  • Email address
  • If you like you can also supply extra information but that is not compulsory.


If the window is not enough for your question - email me on


The reading is sent via email.


I would advise to store the reading on your file for your documentation. The reason for this is because I occasionally clean my google drive, and some information may be errased in a few months. For that reason good to have your secure copy.




Contact me 


If you have any doubts before or after the booking, you are welcome to go ahead and contact me.

+51 947 119 819


Love Report (for 2)

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