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Educate yourself about energy and better organic outcomes

Live session accompanied by written report and astrological chart

Learn about the world and how it works

Written or Audio reports to cater to specific questions or topics

Become better at life today

Written reports for duration of day, month, week or


Create the desired results in your life

Live Sessions

Speak to me directly

Strong life changing sessions over the phone or on line. The first step is a written report sent out prior to the session. I use astrology as a point of reference in all my reports though the work is psychic. Unlimited questions. These sessions are booked a day in advance at least. I read on Wednesdays and Saturdays but can see people outside of working hours.

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Live Services

Make the choices that are right for you at any given time

Personal Readings

Receive your reading right in your in box

in Audio or Written format

I use astrology and psychic insight to carefully scan your chart and energy - picking out what I can sense. I usually do this before I read the questions. Then I address the questions directly - going deep and seeing what can be done, always seeing the big picture and concentrating on arranging the information in such a way that it may lead you to a better outcome over all. Packaging the insights carefully, as every word I share with you - I also share with me. These are not quick questions and answers. These are deep readings that will usually surface much much more. 


If you like these come either in written or audio format, whatever works best for you. Files are sent via email or other media platform to your inbox or app.

Simply click on the reading of your choice to find out more, enter your information and complete your purchase. I usually need 1-3 days to create a reading depending on availability. I aim to meet the demand fast. 

Personal Readings

Motivate yourself to forgive and change your life

Pattern Readings

Understand your in built patterns

using psychic insight and astrology

These written reports are very good guides for later in life and can help you plan things out. There are certain aspects in these reports that may still be valuable later on in your lifetime. They have little hints and suggestions that are helpful through out an individual’s life.

Within them is a secret pattern for your whole life - because in each one we see movements throughout your astrology chart - so it is easier to predict things later on as time passes. They are a good tool to iron out certain predispositions and patterns.


To me these are the Mecca of my work. Year annual readings are the more popular choice. I too predict my every day and my year ahead. The motive is - that everything is possible, should we just see and feel the tiny details, should we understand creator within.

Pattern Astrology Readings

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