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What's in a design?

Hand crafted portrait of someone special
Using watercolour to create original art

I’ve been drawing for a longer time than I’ve been channelling. It was something I wanted to do since I was a child, but due to certain circumstances over the last decade I really gave it a break. Why?


Life just ordered itself the way it did.


I’m currently in a place where I am able to grow a good root system and for this reason I’ve decided to take up drawing again.


It is a good practice for the soul and usually something very interesting and profound comes out.


The point of the portraits is to have great care and ease while creating them. It is a meditative experience to draw them. I hope to infuse the portrait with care and ease.


Inside the facial features is the nervous system - it is very easy to tell if there are years of trouble, arguments, difficulty breathing or speaking, hard times ahead.


For the person who’s portrait I create, I tend to notice these things. Sometimes I will tell the person in an email what I saw in them or for them. Sometimes I will not.


It is sometimes better to be left a secret.


So I just draw the way that I always have done - with care. The main thing is to help the person feel loved and touched with care, to feel vulnerable sometimes to express and explain one’s own essence and eventually feel at peace with it.


It is hard to draw people if they don’t want to see themselves. But with a little care and love sometimes - really amazing things happen.


It is like - the advice is at the tip of the pen. And that shows.


So in a way I program the drawing as I learn also about myself during the process of unravelling, as I always have done with psychic work too. It is a psychic gift to be able to draw anyway - for anyone. One that I really enjoy having in this lifetime.

Off White Fabric


Light watercolor portraits that inspire and heal

Portraits are created using a variety of media:


Coloured Pencil



Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Marker


I don’t always use all of them together but it can happen sometimes. 


High quality watercolour paper is usually used. It is a thick and rough paper that supports wet media.


The portraits are delicate and curious up close. They are not designed to make a bold statement usually unless it naturally occurs (as I interpret energy) but rather - have a fine and caring hue.

Off White Fabric

Supplying Photographs

Photographs for portrait development
a personalized portrait on wood

Supplying photographs.

Sometimes we like a certain expression or idea of ourselves but it may not necessarily make a successful painting. 


For that reason make sure you supply plenty of photos. That is because - between the lot there might be something found that is more peaceful and organic.


A side note - when you have a very strong portrait with a strong expression, not always will it help you feel well. The portraits are not designed to stun, they are wellness portraits, captivating a part of character and retaining calmness and a feeling of wellness.

It’s not about the X factor but rather something that can hold and guide you for a long time. They are manifestation pieces more than art decor. For that reason it is good to send photos that are more natural and peaceful. It is better to send a vast variety of photos if you are not sure.


Also make sure that the quality of the photo is good enough to see fine details as that does make a big difference.Also yes - I do claim to capture a part of the soul in the pieces - but - there may not be necessarily 100 percent likeness or an element of photo realism in my paintings / drawings at all. They are not meant to be realistic pieces. Though it is great sometimes when a lot of likeness is captured.

Off White Fabric


Unique hand crafted portraits

1 Person A4

21 x 30 cm


Hand drawn watercolor portraits

1 Person A3

30 x 42cm


Hand crafted portraits for couples and friends

(specify vertical or horizontal)

2 People A3

30 x 42cm


(specify vertical or horizontal)

3+ People A3

30 x 42cm


Prices in USD, international postage included

Off White Fabric


Booking Form

The portraits are booked by the above booking form. Click to enter the form and fill it out. It will naturally ask you the questions needed to complete the booking, usher to attach files and eventually go towards payment option. 


That should in itself be very simple. 


You will receive a thank you letter upon booking. 

After this it should take me about a week to come up with your drawing. It will be photographed upon completion and sent via email at first.

Kind healing portraits and gifts

I will also tell you any interesting information of what I felt or found during the drawing process. This will be attached to the email.


I will then go and send the physical portrait to your address. I live in Peru currently. It should take about 3 weeks maximum for the portrait to arrive.


I will pack it flat with cardboard and plastic to make sure that it will get to you safe and sound.


The rest is - up to you!

Portrait as a personalized gift
Off White Fabric

Terms and Conditions

The point of my practice with everything I do is - that I don’t know how it’s going to turn out before it just - creates itself. That is part of the fun and what gives me the stamina to keep on working and producing on every level. 


The idea of being tied to a practice or a job, which eventually controls you is not good for the chi. I aim to raise the chi of the person that I’m working with be it a psychic reading or a portrait - to do this I must also be in joy.


For me for this reason the robust or exact need to replicate style or manor is meaningless. I have to be free to express in the process of making art - otherwise it will not have the needed chi or excitement within itself.


The point of the process is to enjoy it. That in itself eventually creates colourful and peaceful work that vibrates well for many years or even decades to come.

The energy distributes itself on the page - without too much thinking planning or measuring. That is why it is fun to work.


When we do too much thinking or meticulous planning I feel that takes the life out of the project. For that reason I do ask that a client does not guide me in what they want to explain with the piece or how they want it to look or match their expectations.


There are sometimes people that are very particular about what they would like to see on the page. I have worked in an illustration studio for a few years before and have learnt that there was always some form of change a person needed and wanted when they got the chance to have change. People would order an illustrator to do many alterations sometimes. But that was for commercial work - which took weeks if not months - and it was at a cost. The cost entailed the potential changes within it.

Several watercolor portraits

Maybe - if it is very important to you some changes can be made, but this would depend on what you really want to change. Sometimes things are really off focus and you may wish to have something different on the page. That happens. 


However please be careful and considerate with the changes. If you are very interested in changing the piece and adamant it has to be created different or even remade - please talk to me about this. Perhaps at a cost a big change can be made - but consider why it is important to change the painting psychologically or energetically.


Sure we are only human and expectations still arise. But to make beautiful colourful work - I cannot copy another artist’s style or replicate a previously created portrait with a different face put inside it.


For that reason it is free and loving work. So I ask of you not to be too particular about the details or what you think should come out of the piece.

Mostly inside will be a message. It may be subtle or strong depending on the feelings that are received. It may be an obvious symbol or metaphor, or indeed it might be just a subtle line. For that reason it is important to be kind to the piece and let it build itself without direction - mine or yours.


The pieces are designed as manifestation tools and healing images that are meant to create more peace and prosperity in the space. They are not designed as aesthetic or semi photographic works. For that reason it is good to allow the piece to be fragile though it may not look 100 percent alike to the person in some ways - it will still hold their soul energy within it come what may. 


If you would like to book a piece for someone else please consider their thoughts and feelings. Are they ready to be guided in this way. Do you believe they would like it? Having a portrait made is a delicate thing for anyone. But it is true also - they do convey a lot of meaning and it may become a permanent symbol in a family home. Which is nice.

painting till the cows come home

It is important to give time. If you are buying this portrait for a birthday or special occasion please leave at least a few weeks - considering it would take me about a week to find some time to generate the piece and also to send it from Peru would take 3 weeks or so. Sometimes more - depending on “the traffic”. So please time accordingly.


I will try my best to preserve the piece and make sure that it is well wrapped upon sending. There is though a chance of things going awry in the mail. If that happens let me know and we can figure something out.

In the case if anything goes awry - lets talk about this. I’m open to conversation and to changing things also. It is important to guide ourselves out of negative conversation here. Within reasons changes can be made to the piece and within reason - certain refunds can also be made. But please consider my passage first. 


Thank you



Have a look at my collection of media as well as my book store. All written, edited, illustrated and designed by myself. Keep those creative juices flowing!​

love letters to myself - a book of personalized poems
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