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The life you want to live

As a Taurus North Node, I’m very interested in self improvement as well as improvement of over all well being. That includes - healthy circumstances, healthy people, a truth in every step, and yes ofcourse - a lifetime to remember. I work with many paths and possibilities, helping others see the good and the healthy aspects of their life and psyche, developing those positive aspects to make room for more healthy choices, greater more joyful experiences and just - a brilliant life.


The way we live sometimes is so abrupted by other people’s choices and world events. I also understand that and even enjoy the serendipitous way that life creates itself. But what if we could choose joy always. What if happiness was our main streak and what if we could find a path, find a way - that places us in the palm of God’s hand. That carries us over into the waves of forever. That brings us up and yet - helps us heal the world as we take those beautiful steps. 


This is my life line and my joy today.

Beach Waves

A life to remember

I can help you with:


  • Structuring your day and knowing what you want

  • Giving yourself a break

  • Creating abundant holistic choices

  • Living “the life”

  • Giving yourself space

  • Knowing how to balance mind body and spirit

  • Doing what is best for you

  • Making space to know yourself

  • Giving yourself the best

  • Understanding yourself and your unique needs

  • Understanding your genetics and their story

  • Knowing how to please the different sides of you

  • Listening to nature within and without

  • Growing and flourishing

  • Making new steps in life

  • Giving back to the world proportionately

  • Becoming an open fulfilled human being

  • Creating better, living better

  • Growing others and supporting them

  • Believing in each other and in nature

Express your soul

You are one in a million

It is important to know the life of the teacher that you choose. It is important to understand them as a human being and not as just dogma or assistance. We have to get to know each other and learn on the way.


Here are some photos from the last few years that still warm my heart. It is important to remember the moments that felt so right and the people in them. Growing into better people - together. Extending more grace and care to one another. In that is a gem of a life.

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