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The ability to harness life energy and create a world of your own. I practice shamanism and other energetic practices to give me the force I need to be of help to you. 8 years of practice and countless people in my life helped me realise myself in this way. I also thank Ayahuasca and mother Earth for giving me wings. Thank you universe.

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Learning together about the world

Hello, this is my brand new website. 


I have retained the previous web address but managed to create a whole new site using different software. If you are a new or returning client, please be aware that some things have changed.


If you have any suggestions or if you experience glitches, please message me directly here.


I really value and appreciate your online experience with me.


Thank you!


Solstice, 21 June 2024

Have we known each other a while?

I am now collecting Testimonials.

What I offer

Natural guidance and associative strategies



My name is Polina and I'm a practiced psychic, medium and astrologer. I have a variety of skills and tools to help you solve even some of the trickiest puzzles.


On this site I offer my services in several forms as well as other links and tools that may be helpful on your journey ahead. There is also a selection of books that I have created which may be of help to you.


Feel free to explore the site, see what you like. Aso check out my constant stream of infrmation on both YouTube and Patreon. I hope to be of service.



(since 2016)


Personal Reports
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Psychic Sessions




Predictive Articles


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Astrology Reports


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Statistics last updated 21 June 2024

Growing as people together
Looking forward to a bright future
Forming strong bonds and communities.


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I believe in unity and the trust of human beings. I believe in life and the love we have in our hearts.

Strong life changing sessions over the phone or on line. The first step is a written report sent out prior to the session. I use astrology as a point of reference in all my reports though the work is psychic. Unlimited questions. These sessions are booked a day in advance at least. I read on Wednesdays and Saturdays but can see people outside of working hours.

I love creating space for people where they can learn and enjoy - while rediscovering themselves through how I see them.

For those that are struggling at this time, I do intensive sessions that are half an hour longer. These provide a lot of support and clarity, working on ironing out those patterns and working deeply with those wounds. For those of us that need some hard work - these are the best. And yes - I do frequently go over time also. The deep integrative work is definitely worth it. 

I have several ways in which I can help you solve and organize your life.

These are psychic reports based in astrology. There are options depending on the load of questions you may have at the moment. It is important to choose them wisely. The live sessions have unlimited questions, these however do not. I also have many specific reports for different circumstances, see the themed reports featured on the booking page.

There are many ways in which we can help each other understand this world and unite.

It is nice to see the geometry in a timeline. I have a range of daily, weekly, monthly and annual readings that concentrate specifically on patterns - and have some very easy and simple hook ups to help release and relax these patterns so that you don’t have to repeat them. These are a good programming tool. Annual readings are the more popular.

Deep burdens lift as we open to understand our thoughts and feelings better, helping each other recognize one another.

As an alternative to written readings I also provide audio readings - which are sent via Drop Box through email or sent in other ways. These are thorough energetic readings that will help you see the situation deeply. There are things that the voice can communicate that the written word cannot, so for the younger audience especially - perhaps audio readings it is.

For breathtaking results you just have to be - happy - with yourself. And understand the full picture of who you are.

For those people that need regular attention or would like to exchange audio recording or messages - here is a longer rout. I have options from one reading to monthly support. Let me know if you would like ongoing support. I communicate in long immersive audios and messages which will continue through the period of booking. A strong option.




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I can help you:


  • Get to know yourself

  • Understand your astrological chart

  • Understand your parents 

  • Reconcile with people in your situation

  • Understand yourself and your impulses

  • Know how to work with them

  • Realise your path and ancestral karma

  • Release that which you cannot control 

  • Realise boundaries

  • Realise blessings

  • Protect yourself from certain coming events

  • Create new events and situations in your life

  • Believe in yourself

  • Breathe out of the past

  • Breathe in to the future

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All my most latest work is available now on patreon

The latest only on

Written and audio messages
Genuine psychic astrology
Regular content

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View psychic astrology videos
Psychic advice and astrological interpretations.
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Audio Readings
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Video Content

Astrological Aspects
Each Month

Day by Day Predictions

Here is a sample of my Patreon audios from June 2024
Immerse yourself into my audio sessions where I talk about you and the way that the planets may be affecting you each month.
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Join my patreon
Find more of my materials on Patreon. This is the most thorough and striking platform for me - one I favor to this day.

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My Patreon can help you:
  • Move in the right direction when the time comes

  • Remove blocks and boundaries

  • Treat yourself and other people better

  • Gather an understanding on how things are

  • Be prepared, stay aware

  • Release old tension and trauma

  • Recognise yourself and your psychic ability

  • Realise the best options and opportunities

  • Seize the day

  • Create new things in your life

  • Believe in yourself and the world

  • Give back proportionately

  • Understand life better

  • Gain insight and astrological knowledge

  • Realise your potential

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Most Recent Book

I usually write a special almanac every year to keep my viewers on track with the coming astrological changes. Here is the most recent predictive book for 2024. 


These are comprised of channelled information based on astrological events in the sky and prepare the reader for the phases that are coming.


In my almanacs I talk about specific planetary alignments, also featuring asteroids. There are prediction for year and month ahead. A good hardy look at the sky and a sensitive intuitive touch for merging the information together into a chronolinear design that is easy to follow and understand.


Click on the book to access it in store.


My most recent book - the 2024 Astrological Manual which will prepare you for the whole year ahead.
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The new book of mantras - sing along to your favorites. Find out their meanings.


Mantra book - a free digital book (that can be printed out) with some of my favourite Mantras and a short essay on Hinduism. Enjoy.

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